Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Team Designation: BLOODY MARY

Threat Level: Beta [Hunted Value: X] [Contact Cost: X]

Expanded Membership Details:

Black Betty

Black Betty (350)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary (452 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]

Mad Dog Morgan

Mad Dog Morgan (384 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]


Major Adversaries:





Base of Operations:

Unknown, presumably mobile




Bloody Mary (Team Leader)
Black Betty
Mad Dog Morgan
Bloody Mary began her murderous campaign against humanity after being betrayed by the CIA. She killed almost everyone involved in the operation and then decided to continue doing what she was trained to do, but on her own terms. Since then she has become America's Most Wanted, and has developed a formidable reputation as a crazy killer.

Her killing sprees were primarily solo affairs, but after meeting Mad Dog Morgan in New York City, she and Morgan enjoyed a passionate relationship which fuelled both of their sociopathic tendencies. The pair work together as much as they work apart, and Morgan is more of an associate of Bloody Mary's.

Bloody Mary has also picked up a stray, Black Betty, who survived one of Mary's massacres. Black Betty is also an associate, although she only rarely joins in Mary's escapades, as she is securely enrolled in a boarding school.
Area of Operations
Bloody Mary operates worldwide, although she prefers to unleash her fury within the United States. Mad Dog Morgan is predominantly based in Britain, and Black Betty is located in a Californian boarding school.
Bloody Mary has no long term goals. She originally wanted to avenge herself on those who did her harm, but those people are now dead, so Mary is left to flitter through life. If there is one goal in Mary's life it is to never be controlled by another person again. While she has no driving goal, Bloody Mary has a habit of going 'homicidal', as well as being seduced by the potential risk factor of any dangerous scheme ranging from assassination to burglary.

Mad Dog Morgan has made her life more stable, and the three form something of a 'family', something which all three are determined to safeguard.

Bloody Mary is a name to be feared. Several murder sprees have been rightfully attributed to her and she remains at the top of America's Most Wanted List. As well as being known as a psychotic mass murderer, Mary is also known as a formidable hand to hand combatant.

Mad Dog Morgan has a lesser reputation in Europe, although he has become known as Mary's boyfriend in the United States, which annoys him.