Daniela Steinhauer


Value Roll Notes
20 STR 30 15- Lift: 1600kg; 6d6; [3]

42 DEX 24 14- OCV: 8    DCV: 8
28 CON 24 14-
4 BODY 12 11-
3 INT 13 12- PER Roll 12-
2 EGO 11 11- ECV: 4
8 PRE 18 13- PRE Attack: 3½d6
2 COM 14 12-
6 PD 12   Total: 12/20 PD (0/8 rPD)
5 ED 10   Total: 10/18 ED (0/8 rED)
16 SPD 5   Mental Defense: 0
2 REC 12   Phases: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12
1 END 50   Running: 10" / 20"
6 STUN 45   Swimming: 4" / 8"




34 Frigid Zone: Multipower, 60-point reserve, (60 Active Points); all slots Extra Time (Full Phase, -½), Only In Heroic Identity (-¼)
2u 1) Concentrated Effort: Drain BODY 4d6, PD and BODY simultaneously (+½) (60 Active Points); Non-Living Items Only (-1) 6
3u 3) Drop Temperature: Change Environment 16" radius, -5 Temperature Level Adjustment, Long-Lasting: 1 Hour, Costs END Only To Activate (+¼) (59 Active Points); No Range (-½) 5
2u 4) Make Brittle: Drain BODY 2d6, Personal Immunity (+¼), PD and BODY simultaneously (+½), Reduced Endurance (0END; +½), Area Of Effect Nonselective (5" Radius; +¾) (60 Active Points); Non-Living Items Only (-1) 0
2 Able To Survive Freezing Temperatures: Life Support (Safe in Intense Cold) 0
12 Cold: Invisibility to Smell/Taste Group and Infrared Perception (15 Active Points); Only In Heroic Identity (-¼) 1
8 Peak Performance I: Running +4" (10" total) 1
2 Peak Performance II: Swimming +2" (4" total) 1
6 Peak Performance III: Leaping +6" (12" forward, 6" upward) 1
14 Body Armour: Armor (8 PD/8 ED) (24 Active Points); OIF (-½), Real Armor (-¼) 0
8 Bracelets: Missile Deflection (Bullets & Shrapnel) (15 Active Points); OIF (-½), Not Versus Heavy Missiles (-¼) 0


Martial Arts
Maneuver Phase OCV DCV Notes
51 Tae Kwon Do
Axe Kick (naeryo chagi) 1/2 -2 +0 HKA 2d6 +1
Block 1/2 +2 +2 Block, Abort
Counterstrike 1/2 +2 +2 12d6 Strike, Must Follow Block
Front Kick (ap chagi) 1/2 +1 +3 10d6 Strike
Jump Kick (twimyo chagi) 1/2 +1 -2 14d6 Strike
Side Kick (yop chagi) 1/2 +0 +2 12d6 Strike
Spin Kick (dwet chagi) 1/2 +2 +0 12d6 Strike
Turning Kick (dollyo chagi) 1/2 -2 +1 14d6 Strike
+4 HTH Damage Classes (already added in)




+4 with Tae Kwon Do


Acrobatics 14-


Breakfall 14-


Contortionist 14-


Everyman Skills

Acting 8-

Climbing 8-

Concealment 8-

Conversation 8-

Deduction 8-

Professional Skill: Mercenary 11-

Paramedics 8-

Persuasion 8-

Shadowing 8-

Stealth 8-

Transport Familiarity: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles



Language: English (idiomatic)

Language: French (completely fluent)

Language: German (idiomatic)

Language: Italian (completely fluent)

Language: Russian (completely fluent)

Language: Thai (completely fluent)

Language: Vietnamese (fluent conversation)


Professional Skill: Martial Arts Instructor 14-


Professional Skill: Police Officer 8-



KS: Criminal Law 11-

KS: Double Eagle 12-

KS: Police Procedures 11-

KS: Tae Kwon Do 12-


Security Systems 12-


Shadowing 12-


Stealth 14-


Streetwise 13-



Area Knowledge: Berlin, Germany 11-

Area Knowledge: London, United Kingdom 11-

Area Knowledge: Thailand 11-

Area Knowledge: Vienna, Austria 11-

Area Knowledge: Western Europe 11-


Weapon Familiarity: Small Arms
200+ Disadvantages


Accidental Change: Classical Music Triggers A Change To Blizzard - Being Stunned Triggers A Change Back To Normal ID 8-


Dependent NPC: Husband 8-


Distinctive Features: Body Piercings


Distinctive Features: Skin Is Always Cold


Distinctive Features: Tattoos


Hunted: Austrian Law Enforcement Agencies 8-


Hunted: Double Eagle 8-


Physical Limitation: Weird Biochemistry Requires Specialist Medical Care


Psychological Limitation: Low Self-Esteem (Blizzard: Adrenaline Junky)


Psychological Limitation: Reluctant To Kill (Blizzard: Casual Killer)


Rivalry: Professional: Edelweiss


Social Limitation: Secret Identity


Unluck: 1d6


Vulnerability: 2 x STUN Heat-Based Attacks
9 Experience Points
Characteristics Cost 145 Base Points 200
Powers Cost 93 Disadvantages 150
Talents Cost 0 Experience Points 9
Perks Cost 0 Total Points 359
Martial Arts Cost 51
Skills Cost 70
Total Cost 359
Concept Martial Artist Hair Colour Black (Bald)
Nationality Austrian Eye Colour Brown (Blue as Blizzard)
Place of Birth Vienna, Austria Height 1.8m / 5' 11"
Date of Birth November 8, 1981 Weight 77kg / 170 lbs

Daniela Steinhauer was the first Edelweiss: the first person to win the enigmatic Double Eagle's trust and she did it as a fourteen year old. At that age she was already a champion in tae kwon do, achieving the rank of 4th poom (junior black belts). She would have achieved dan status but the Kukkiwon forbids students under the age of 16 to achieve such a rank. Daniela thirsted for recognition, mostly due to the absence of her parents who spent most of their time in England. While they spent days achieving the best business deals, Daniela leapt across the ancient city of Vienna with Double Eagle.

At seventeen, things began to fall apart. Her father was killed in a car accident, her mother turned to the bottle and prescription pills, and she entered the swansong of her hero career. She was captured by Overture, a truly deranged villain who tortured his victims to the sound of classical music. Overture had crossed paths with Double Eagle on several occasions in the past, and he sought revenge by kidnapping his protégé.

It's not certain exactly what happened next, but Daniela changed. Double Eagle felt as if she died that night.

Overture tortured her for hours and then locked her in a freezer while pumping through inordinate levels of music. She was battered and bleeding and left for dead in the freezer, but instead of dying she transformed. Double Eagle never suspected his protégé was an uber, and she probably wouldn't have manifested her powers if she hadn't been on death's door in a freezer.

The walls of the freezer shattered under her assault and Daniela hunted down and killed Overture. Double Eagle arrived too late to save the villain and was confronted with the shattered body of Daniela. He took her back to his sanctuary and nursed her back to health but she was never the same again. Double Eagle became a solo hero once again and Daniela returned to a civilian life.

It didn't work out. She applied for the police academy and was refused. She tried again the next year and was turned down once more.

Double Eagle lost contact with her, partly through his own negligence and partly because Daniela tried to disappear.

It wasn't until her second knockback at the academy that Daniela felt the stirrings of her uber powers again. She thought they had only flared briefly to save her from death, but they were still inside her. As she became disillusioned with life the power seemed to grow until it over-ran her one night in the centre park area of Vienna. As the coolness swept through her body she felt disconnected with everything around her. She no longer cared about other people - only the need to vent her powers.

In time she became a force to be reckoned with - enough to stand up against Double Eagle and the new Edelweiss.

Her villainous rampages only lasted several hours at a time and then she would revert back to her frightened Daniela form. Miraculously she was never apprehended by the police, although Double Eagle managed to capture her once. During the confrontation Daniela swore than she would kill Double Eagle and the desperation in her voice shocked her former mentor, shocked him enough that she managed to escape.

Since then Blizzard has stalked Double Eagle. With his retirement imminent, Blizzard is determined to kill him before he disappears from the public life.

Daniela is shattered and frightened most of the time. She feels she no longer has any control over her life, and really hasn't made much of her life since walking away from Double Eagle. She wanted to become a police officer and continue with her life protecting the public, but she knows that she is deeply damaged and feels worthless most of the time. She shares her secrets and her feelings of inferiority with her husband, a security guard. He knows her dual nature and helps her avoid transforming, while also helps her escape capture when she does drop into the Blizzard persona.

Blizzard, on the other hand, enjoys destruction and is supremely confident in her powers. She hates Double Eagle and makes no apology for it. While she doesn't obsess about his destruction she does allow it to channel her tirades. She spreads damage and fear as much as she can in order to draw him out, and then puts everything in to destroying him.

She wonders how it is possible that she hasn't succeeded in killing him yet.
"Nothing can stop me, and nothing can save you."

Blizzard is a master at tae kwon do and holds the title of 4th Dan. Since her near-death experience at the hands of the late-Overture, Blizzard is able to generate a field of cold which has the ability to break down the strength of nonliving objects, particularly steel. Combined with her potent martial arts training, Blizzard is able to kick her way through almost any wall.


Daniela is a mix of ethnicities: her father was half-Thai and half-Black English, while her mother was Austrian. She keeps her head shaved since becoming Blizzard and has collected several blue tattoos, mostly depicting dragons and Thai symbols. She has many piercings as well, and gives an appearance of someone who is desperately unhappy with their lives and searching for meaning.

As Blizzard her eyes change to a bright blue and her skin becomes markedly colder. She emanates a cold aura and increases in confidence, shown through her body language. She wears a dark blue costume with white metal bracelets (wrist guards) and belt. She makes no attempt to hide her identity. As Blizzard she really doesn't care what happens to her. It is only Daniela who worries about being apprehended by the police.