Bidadari Angels

Bidadari Angels

Team Designation: BIDADARI

Threat Level: Delta [Hunted Value: X] [Contact Cost: X]

Expanded Membership Details:


Kurus (353 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]

Matahari Merah

Matahari Merah (410 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]


Matematika (360 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]


Major Adversaries:

Marauding Tide


Base of Operations:

Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta, Indonesia




Matahari Merah
Matematika (Team Leader)
Three women from different cultures and religions, were brought together by Meutya Budiyanto to represent the positive future of Indonesia in the light of corruption allegations levelled against the military and government in recent years. Budiyanto realised that Indonesia needed independent heroes and gathered the Christian Kurus, the Hindu Matahari Merah and herself, the Muslim Matematika.

Sometimes in the face of government opposition, the Bidadari operate throughout Indonesia, drawing on the resources of all three women who were independently wealthy before becoming bidadari. During their campaign, the women have found themselves in dangerous battles with the terrorist group, Marauding Tide, and both teams have developed a strong hatred for each other.

Area of Operations
The Bidadari enjoy a very positive reputation within Indonesia, with a wide variety of groups both civilian and some military. They are seen as being Heroes of the People, rather than tools of the regime, and they do operate outside of the legal system as independent heroes. The government publicly supports their efforts, although the term vigilantes has been used, but entrenched sections of the government actively seek to undo the good work the Bidadari do.

Beyond Indonesian borders, the Bidadari are not well known.

The Bidadari want to present themselves as role models to the varied Indonesian population, as well as safeguarding the people from threats. They believe that Indonesians need to work together as one, rather than bicker amongst religious and political lines. To do this, they believe that corruption within the government and the military must be destroyed, although they are not foolhardy enough to attempt to do this in a direct manner.
The Bidadari are primarily concerned for the welfare of Indonesians, and maintain a vigil in their own country which spans thousands of islands. In their secret identities, all three women may find themselves travelling overseas, but they do not actively operate beyond Indonesia's borders.