The Band of Six

The Band of Six

Team Designation: THE BAND OF SIX

Threat Level: Delta
[Hunted Value: 20] [Contact Cost: 9]

Expanded Membership Details:

Balnor Firestaff (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: 2]]

Cainor Stormhewer (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: 2]]

Khelara Moonbow (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: 2]]

Oslo Slyfoot (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: 2]]

Sir Danfar Balthric (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: 2]]

Sister Aeomi (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: 2]]


Major Adversaries:

The Black Skull


Base of Operations:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA




Balnor Firestaff (Team Leader)
Cainor Stormhewer (Team Leader)
Khelara Moonbow (Team Leader)
Oslo Slyfoot (Team Leader)
Sir Danfar Balthric (Team Leader)
Sister Aeomi (Team Leader)
Until a hot August day in 1991, Milwaukee didn’t have a very distinguished superhuman presence. Its few heroes, assembled into a team with an industrial theme, had minor powers and, fortunately, minor opposition. But then the Nightwraiths came. Terrible, shadowy undead creatures from another dimension, they quickly slaughtered the superhero team and dozens of dozens of police officers and ordinary citizens. What was worse was the realization that the Nightwraiths were just an opening salvo. They had come to prepare the city for the coming of their master, the other-dimensional wizard called the Black Skull.

Fatefully, the Nightwraiths had turned their attention toward a large gathering of people at Milwaukee’s convention center, Mecca. Gamers from all over the country and the world who had traveled to attend the GenCon Game Fair were suddenly faced with a menace that even a natural 20 couldn’t handle. The Nightwraiths moved in and prepared to feed.

Then, suddenly, salvation came to Milwaukee. Experts are still divided on where the heroes came from. Some say they came through a portal from the dimension where the Black Skull was imprisoned. Others say that the appearance of the Nightwraiths triggered an “ubergene event” and some of the gamers, thought killed by the Nightwraiths, were actually transformed instead. Still others say that the heroes were psionic manifestations of the collective subconscious of the gaming population. But appear they did. Suddenly, the Band of Six was riding through the halls of Mecca on horseback, striking out at the Nightwraiths around them and driving the foul creatures back. Within less than an hour, the Band had defeated the Nightwraiths and ruined their preparations for the Black Skull’s arrival.

Either trapped in their new world or lacking anywhere else to go, the Band remained in Milwaukee, becoming its greatest heroes and defending it from all menaces since. Calling themselves “adventurers” instead of superheroes, the team has been classified by some as a “typical Dungeons & Dragons party.” Their leader, Sir Danfar Balthric, is a paladin, a knight in shining armor with special powers of smiting evil. Cainor Stormhewer is a “dwarf,” a short, broad, mighty warrior with a long, flowing beard. Cranky by nature, but thrilled to be in a city with “such good brew,” Cainor is a master of axe and hammer. Oslo Slyfoot, a “halfling,” is the team’s stealth expert, and is said to be able to turn invisible at will. He’s also a skilled martial artist. Sister Aeomi is perhaps the world’s only priestess of Heironeous. She wields a silver mace in battle and is said to be able to heal even the most terrible wounds, although in practice she seems to conserve her powers for the Band. Goateed Balnor Firestaff is the group’s wizard, capable of a wide range of potent spells. And the lithe, beautiful “elf,” Khelara Moonbow, is an amazing archer closely in tune with plants and animals. The Band seems to disappear from time to time, and rarely make public appearances except for times when the city is in danger, but they have protected Milwaukee from all manner of dangers for a decade and a half now, and show no signs of leaving permanently.
Area of Operations
The Band of Six operates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The team occasionally journeys to other areas in search of adventure, opposing magical menaces in particular, but it almost always returns to Milwaukee. The team maintains a house as a base just outside of Waukesha. They've placed a number of wards on the property to shield its identity and to make them appear to visitors to be a somewhat eccentric family rather than a team of heroes.
The Band of Six helps to protect the city of Milwaukee from enemies and also to serve as guardians for the world against mystical menaces, the Black Skull in particular. While at first, the adventurers worked to find a way home to their world of origin, they have more or less given up on that now and prefer to make lives for themselves where they are.
The Band of Six is very popular in Milwaukee, but is not well known elsewhere, although the group is well-liked by fans of fantasy books and role-playing games. The team is sometimes consulted in terms of magical issues, particularly those related to other dimensions.