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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Uberworld Countries: South and East Asia

The Uberworld is a large and complicated setting, covering the seven continents of Earth, the oceans and even places beyond the planet and solar system, through time and alternate dimensions. These pages document the current situation in the various countries of Uberworld, including the incidence of ubers, position in global politics and interesting story hooks.

As a general rule, uberhumans occur once for every million people, although others factors may influence that ratio.



not an uber (other source of powers)  

( )

active in country, but not born there

Map from Perry-Casteneda University of Texas collection

Bangladesh (Bangladesh Protectorate Of India)
Capital Dhaka Population 144,320,000
Language Bangla (Bengali) GDP per Capita $2,000
Known Ubers Shapla, Umbra*
Information After bloody infighting during the 1970s, Bangladesh gained independence but was never able to achieve much economic success with spiralling living standards and an ever growing population.  When India invaded in 2002, Bangladesh was unable to muster a strong enough defence force to withstand The Assembly, and became a Protectorate of India.  Living conditions have dropped and positions of authority are generally given to citizens of India.  The Bangladeshi uberhuman population was either assimilated by The Assembly, in the case of Umbra, or eliminated, although Bangladesh never seemed to have a large uberhuman population to begin with.  Most of their ubers are low-powered and generally go undetected in society. 

Bhutan (Kingdom of Bhutan)
Capital Thimphu Population 2,232,000
Language Dzongkha, Nepalese, Tibetan GDP per Capita $1,400
Known Ubers Thunder Dragon*
Information A small country, Bhutan has been fortunate to avoid major external conflict primarily because of its mountainous geography. Its economy is closely tied to that of Bangladesh, Japan, and Germany, and it also sells substantial amounts of hydroelectric power to India. Internal political turmoil and occasional economic factors have resulted in a sizeable Bhutanese refugee population in Nepal.

While the enlarged and somewhat aggressive India has looked at securing some of its energy needs through annexation of Bhutan, there have been nothing more than clandestine information gathering raids. Members of the Assembly have been seen by a very small number of Bhutanese, and these have just fueled the rumours. The mystic martial artist, Thunder Dragon, has been outspoken on this matter - especially after the annexations of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh - proclaiming that Bhutan is for the Bhutanese and not for India.

Brunei (Sultanate of Brunei; Negara Brunei Darussalam)
Capital Bandar Seri Begawan Population 372,000
Language Malay GDP per Capita $23,600
Known Ubers Luwalhati
Information Although nominally a constitutional monarchy, Brunei has been primarily ruled by a sultan of the same family for the past five centuries. Largely surrounded by Malaysia, its primary international conflicts are over oil exploration and drilling rights. Internally, law is strict and generally adherent to Muslim law; and with a punishment of death, drug trafficking is extremely rare.

The Sultanate has close ties with the United Kingdom and Singapore. A battalion of Gurkhas remains in the only East Asian British base. A Singaporean training base also is present in Brunei. Economically, this oil-rich nation trades primarily with Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. The entire economy is based almost entirely on petroleum and natural gas exports and imports of manufactured goods.

Superhuman teams from Malaysia and Singapore have occationally operated in Brunei. There was also a single incident with the Chinese Immortals superteam. The new superhero Luwalhati has been a recent presence in the country and has, to some extent affected the criminal underworld operations in Brunei of Evol Khan.

Burma (Union of Myanmar; Pyidaungzu Myanma Naingngandaw)
Capital Rangoon Population 42,909,000
Language Burmese GDP per Capita $1,700
Known Ubers Lotus
Information If it weren't hampered by a military regime and corruption, this nominally socialist state could be one of Asia's 'Tigers'. Burma (or Myanmar) is rich with resources. However, rural poverty and substantial inflation make economic growth difficult. A financial crisis has further weakened Burma's economy.

Burma has had tensions with Communist China, India, and Thailand. Currently, tensions with India and Thailand are regarding rebel factions. Water rights issues cause tension with China. Narcotics production and trafficking (especially opium) are another major international sore point for this country.

As part of its effort to clamp down on dissidents, the government has established a Superhuman Justice Battalion whose main task is to apprehend any uber or other superhuman within its borders. If apprehension is not a feasible option, this task force is allowed to use lethal force. S.A.G.E. estimates that approximately 14 superhumans have been executed and an equal number were slain; the Burmese military is believed to have at least four superhumans imprisoned as well. A single superhuman, known as Lotus, is believed to be in hiding deep within the jungle near the border with Laos and Thailand.

Cambodia (Kingdom of Cambodia; Preahreacheanachakr Kampuchea)
Capital Phnom Penh Population 13,607,000
Language Khmer GDP per Capita $2,000
Known Ubers The Collective, Counter-Progress, Elder Sunrise*, Killing Field
Information Cambodia's economy has been steadily growing for the past five years with textile/garment and tourism being the major driving forces. The problems of the Khmer Rouge have progressively lessened and democratization has gained a foothold here. In short, there is reason for hope in this country that has known internal conflict for centuries.

Internationally, Cambodia is recognized as a major producer of marijuana and opium as well as other narcotics. Loose controls on financial institutions and porous borders facilitate money laundering as well. Minor issues are reason for slight tension with Thailand and Vietnam.

Superhuman activity is fairly limited in Cambodia. A respected uber known as Elder Sunrise has been helping ubers to lead relatively normal lives. There are rumours of a resurgence of the Khmer Rouge led by an uber known as The Collective and supported by two others known as Counter-Progress and the Killing Field. But, the majority of superhuman activity is at the S.A.G.E. base hidden under the ruins of Angkor Wat.

China, People's Republic of (People's Republic of China; Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo)
Capital Beijing Population 1,306,313,000
Language Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu GDP per Capita $5,600
Known Ubers Dog, Dominance, Dragon, East Wind Golden Dragon*, General Cho*, Heng Shan*, (Horse), Lamb, Lezzlie*, Mad Madam Ming*, Mask Of The Revolution, Master Spider*, Monkey*, North Wind Silver Dragon*, Ox, People Power, Pig, Queen Bee, Rabbit, Rat, Red Star General, Rong Yu Jing Wei*, Rooster, Shadowspinner, Snake/Red Censor, Snow Leopard*, South Wind Green Dragon*, Tiger, West Wind Red Dragon*
Information Cheap goods and cheap counterfeit goods drive one of the world's fastest growing economies. Commerce and industry are rapidly growing while the country still struggles with oligarchical autocratic rule. Social freedoms have been slowly increasing, but legal freedoms lag as well as technological innovation.

In 1997, Communist China underwent a series of changes to make it more appealing to the West. While more freedoms were allowed, the Communist Party retained tight control on critical political and strategic rules, places, and equipment. The first rank government team, the Immortals, were completely changed and is now the superhero part of China's more friendly face. At the same time, the Party created a secret team, known as the Gang of Five, which carries out clandestine operations and keeps the other superhero teams from doing anything that would adversely affect the Party. Snake, a member of the Immortals, is also Red Censor of the Gang of Five and thus serves as a direct means of monitoring them.

In the recent past, Communist China has had border wars with nearly all neighboring countries. Chinese superhero teams have had conflict with teams from India, Russia, the Republic of China, Vietnam, and Japan. The Chinese Embassies and other key establishments are guarded by low powered, highly trained and brainwashed ubers known as Rong Yu Jing Wei.

Within the forests of China is the School of the Crimson Spider Lin Kuei, a clan of martial artist/assassins. From here they accept assassination contracts worldwide. The most feared of their assassins, Shadowspinner, is an evil 'twin' of Dog of the Immortals, and desires to eliminate him.

East Timor (Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste; Republika Demokratika Timor Lorasa'e)
Capital Dili Population 1,041,000
Language Tetum, Portuguese GDP per Capita $400
Known Ubers Satish Ranganathan*, Teagan Malesso'*,
Information Nearly immediately after East Timor declared its independence from Portugal, it was invaded by Indonesia. Since that time in 1975, and even after independence from Indonesia in 1999, there has been constant civil warfare between pro-Indonesian factions and pro-independence factions. International peacekeepers stepped in and halted the overt violence that had already resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths and refugees.

The war has decimated the country's infrastructure and industry. Still recovering, there is a 50% unemployment rate and 42% poverty rate. Recent economic growth is largely due to oil export, primarily to Australia, and the recent rise in oil prices.

As part of the an Australian-led international peacekeeping force, INTERFET, a small team of ubers including Satish Ranganathan and Teagan Malesso' help to keep the peace and ensure continuation of diplomatic efforts. Since the transfer of peacekeeping activities from INTERFET to the UN, these ubers continue to work in East Timor.

Hong Kong (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; Xianggang Tebie Xingzhengqu)
Capital Hong Kong Population 6,899,000
Language Cantonese, English GDP per Capita $34,200
Known Ubers Freedom
Information Long a jewel of the British Empire, Hong Kong was 'leased' from the Chinese Empire. In 1997, however, it was 'returned' to the People's Republic of China. It is still a prosperous city, but has suffered from a brain drain just prior to 1997. After weathering a financial and economic crisis, its economy is once again growing. Previously apolitical, in recent years, the citizens of Hong Kong have found a voice and have become advocates of democratization of China, a ray of hope in a country that has long been autocratic.

The international community has been lulled after initial alarm at the transfer of Hong Kong. But, with ownership by Communist China, it is difficult to know what to expect. Law enforcement under the regime has been stricter than before, but more susceptible to corruption. Thus, drug trafficking still remains one of major problems in Hong Kong.

The Immortals and Gang of Five have both carried out operations in Hong Kong. In addition, the city is home to at least three tongs, two major kung fu schools, and one group of uber mercenaries. The hero, Freedom, once a prominent public member of the now defunct Harbor Heroes, now works as a vigilante still protecting the people of Hong Kong as well as espousing democratic ideals.

India (Republic of India)
Capital New Delhi Population 1,080,264,000
Language Hindi, English GDP per Capita $3,100
Known Ubers (Bagha)*, Bhairavi, Charm, (Conscience)*, Dharma, Director*, Fusion, Ganesh*, Sandeep Gupta*, Harvest, Kismet, Krystal, Luna, (Mister Honey), Naga*, (Prerita Vashtu), (Saraswati), (Shockwave), Tataiya, (Umbra)*, Zone
Information One of the world's new superpowers, India has successfully harnessed its ubergene potential in a way that is both impressive in its scope and disturbing in its implications.  The centralised government has introduced an unprecedented level of surveillance and data collection of its population, the immediate results of which determine its people's ubergene potential.  Other beneficial side effects include an increased level of education, health and literacy opportunities of its impoverished communities.  While India has enjoyed an incredible level of success in the world of ubergetics, it is still one of the poorest countries in the world, with a huge gap between the rich and the poor.

India has made some bold moves on the international stage since the establishment of its uberhuman security team, The Assembly, including the annexing of Kashmir, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in the years 1999 and 2004.  While declaring their actions as 'liberations', the method of annexation resulted in the deaths of thousands across the four areas including the near total destruction of the active uber population of Pakistan and Bangladesh.  Sri Lanka, in comparison, capitulated to India before major bloodshed occurred.

The international community initially condemned the actions of India, mostly within the United Nations, but has generally been quiet and accepted the new regime, mostly because it has neutralised the nuclear stand-off between India and Pakistan, and because India still maintains an outwardly peaceful relationship with the United States and the West.  However, India is still keen to expand its borders and has recently begun to look at Bhutan and Afghanistan as well as coming into conflict with China on occasion.

Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia; Republik Indonesia)
Capital Jakarta Population 241,974,000
Language Bahasa Indonesian GDP per Capita $3,500
Known Ubers Bayu, Doctor Komodo*, Elastorang, Gunung, Hantu Pemburu*, Jago Tembak, Kurus, Matahari Merah, Matari, Matematika, Princess Komodo*
Information Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, and the fourth largest population overall.  The country encompasses hundreds of islands and cultures but is dominated by a bicameral parliament based in Jakarta.  Sections of the government, particularly those associated with the military, have sponsored terrorist activity throughout the region in an effort to bring together the disparate regions of Indonesia while also eliminating opposition.  The black ops group Marauding Tide is publicly known as a terrorist group but has links to the military.  More recently, three independent heroes known as Bidadari, have surfaced to counter the negative impacts of Marauding Tide as well as to promote harmony amongst the varying religions of their country.

The special territory (daerah istimewa) of Aceh has been the centre of rebel incursions, but since the tsunami of 2004, much of the rebel fighting force has dissipated.  The other special territory of Yogyakarta is actually a sultanate within Indonesia and is led by the sultan, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, who maintains an incredibly popular presence.

Japan (Japan)
Capital Tokyo Population 127,417,000
Language Japanese GDP per Capita $29,400
Known Ubers Ake no Oni, Atomic Girl, Blue Arrow Ronin, Bounty, Cyber One*, Danryokusei, Doctor Boom*, Doctor Crab*, eSpace, Hawk Rider II*, Ichiro*, Itachi*, Kishi Carnation*, Kishi Daisy*, Kishi Lily*, Kishi Orchid*, Kishi Rose*, Kitsune, Koorogi, Mister Chaos*, Moon Warrior*, Number One, Okami Hishou*, Ooarashi, Rat King, Shadow Dragon*, (Stuntman), Sunshine*, Dr. Toshio Tokada*, Yabai*
Information Still one of the world's powerhouse economies, Japan has suffered in the past two decades from a shift in labor practices and a shift in geo-economics. Its electronics companies are still at the cutting edge of electronics and robotics, but most manufacturing is done outside of the country.

This country has enjoyed its share of superheroes, but has also been plagued by its share of supervillains. Two international mercenary groups, the Fuchi-no-Kuroi (Dark Pool) ninja clan and the Ichiban mercenary company, are based in Japan. In addition to the Brotherhood of the Finger, a Yakuza family associated with Ichiban, there are rumors of a secondary family, the Black Dragon Society. Curiously, the terroristic imperialist group known as the New Empire has recently been cleaning up its image. However, most law enforcement people are skeptical of their claim of being heroes.

The team of Senshudan One, long known as 'Japan's Team' has been reformed after the murder of the original members. The other major superhero team, Shichinin no Yuushi (the Seven Heroes), a loose association of seven heroes of East Asia, also fights against supercrime in Japan.

Korea, North (Democratic People's Republic of Korea; Choson-minjujuui-inmin-konghwaguk)
Capital Pyongyang Population 22,912,000
Language Korean GDP per Capita $1,700
Known Ubers Beloved Leader*, Diamond Crusader
Information Since the fall of the Soviet Union, North Korea has had difficulties sustaining itself. The leadership (i.e., the Beloved Leader), revered by the brainwashed peasants, is an inept manager, and possibly slightly insane. People starve yearly because of logistics and corruption, but the Beloved Leader lives a lavish life. Among the big expenses was the purchase of a 1950s-era power suit for the Beloved Leader and its substantial maintenance. The only reason that he is taken seriously by other national governments is that he also has nuclear weapons.

Korea, South (Republic of Korea; Taehan-min'guk)
Capital Seoul Population 48,640,000
Language Korean GDP per Capita $19,200
Known Ubers Mountain Snow
Information Despite being one of the few countries to have fistfights during National Assembly meetings, South Korea is solidly democratic. Its capitalist economy has grown over four decades from third world to becoming one of Asia's 'Tiger' economies. A strong manufacturer of electronics, automobiles, and steel, it is a net exporter. While its products are perceived as being second tier but less expensive, gains in engineering will soon negate this perception.

Its long dispute with the North has been the only major source of international tension for the South Korean government. Over the past few years, tension has decreased and increased, mostly at the whim of North Korea's leader

A small team of moderately powered ubers, the New Hwarang, operate in the area around Seoul. The uber known as Mountain Snow operates in the Pusan area and is associated with Shichinin no Yuushi (the Seven Heroes).

Laos (Lao People's Democratic Republic; Sathalanalat Paxathipatai Paxaxon Lao)
Capital Vientiane Population 6,217,000
Language Lao, French GDP per Capita $1,900
Known Ubers Khaen, Kha-Nyou
Information With top-down planning from the Communist military regime, common Laotians continue to suffer. A large amount of the population survive with subsistence farming. The educated leave the country for better jobs in other countries. Infrastructure is very poor, so much so that cell phones are the primary means of communication. Minor, infrequent disputes with Thailand and Cambodia are almost always over boundary demarcations.

Government forces (military and police) take an anti-uber stance and have imprisoned at least eight ubers and other superhumans. Those deemed too dangerous are either exiled or executed. A duo of martial artists known as Kha-Nyou (Rock Rat) and Khaen (Bamboo Pipe) operate as vigilantes protecting the population of Laos as well as helping hunted superhumans to escape.

Malaysia (Malaysia)
Capital Kuala Lumpur Population 23,953,000
Language Bahasa Melayu (Malay) GDP per Capita $9,700
Known Ubers Nemesis
Information This coastal and island nation in Southeast Asia is considered to be one of the economic 'Tigers'. Once a multitude of Buddhist kingdoms then a large Muslim sultanate, Malaysia was ruled by the British in modern history until the invasion by Japan in World War II.

Rich in forestry products including rubber, timber, palm oil, and agriculture, this country also enjoys mineral resources including fossil fuels and tin. Over the past three decades, the economy has slowly, but steadily added diversified manufacturing and high technology industries. East Asia and the US are its main trade partners.

Border disputes with its neighbors have been largely resolved since the tumultuous days of the mid 20th century. Economically important border areas are still contested in a civil manner. Human slave trafficking, drug trafficking, and refugees from Indonesia and Burma consist of the major problems of Malaysian law enforcement. Evol Khan's Singaporean power also has reached into this country. There have been two occasions where Fatwa has struck as well. However, for the most part, superhuman activity is kept to the street level.

Maldives (Republic of Maldives; Dhivehi Raajjeyge Jumhooriyyaa)
Capital Male Population 349,100
Language Maldivian Dhivehi, English GDP per Capita $3,900
Known Ubers (White Tiger)*
Information This archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean has historic ties to India, Portugal, the Netherlands, and the UK. Once valuable for trade, the major economic industries are now tourism and fishing.

After riots and a coup attempt involving Tamil mercenaries, the near authoritarian government has begun to shift towards greater representative power and political freedom. However these have been extremely slow. Likely because of the economical and political ties with India, the Maldives remains independent. In 2004, tsunamis and flooding caused substantial damage to life and economy.

Mongolia (Mongolia)
Capital Ulaanbaatar Population 2,791,000
Language Khalkha Mongol GDP per Capita $1,900
Known Ubers Horse
Information Long an economic and political basket case, Mongolia fell into deeper woes after the fall of the Soviet Union. Finally, the country democratized and in the last few years, the economy began improving. Although traditionally based on herding and agriculture, the current economy is primarily driven by the country's rich mineral resources, but is highly dependent on energy from Russia. In addition to its above-the-board economy, Mongolia has an equally large 'shadow' or 'gray' economy that is tied to the economy of Communist China.

Currently, there are no superhumans known to be operating in Mongolia. There is, however, one tribe of nomads that has small herds of 'uberhorses', 'ubercattle', 'ubersheep', 'ubergoats', and 'ubercamels'. Clearely the result of genetic experimentation, it is not known how the tribe came to their possession.

Nepal (Kingdom of Nepal)
Capital Kathmandu Population 27,676,000
Language Nepali GDP per Capita $1,500
Known Ubers None
Information One of the poorest countries in the world, agriculture is the main industry of Nepal. Tourism and hydropower industries have been increasing, but are hampered by poor infrastructure and lack of foreign investment interest. Terrorist activities further dampen these industries.

The Maoist Prahanda cause substantial damage to property and life primarily in the southwestern portion of the country. There are reports of ubers within Prahanda which could account for the seeming rapidity of the terrorists movements throughout the country. In addition, studies by the Numen-Kami Institute indicate that many Sherpa families carry a very small amount of ubergene in their normal genetic material. S.A.G.E. has been monitoring this area for the possibility of a mastermind attempting to exploit this.

Pakistan (Indian Protectorate of Pakistan)
Capital Islamabad Population 162,420,000
Language Punjabi, Urdu GDP per Capita $1,800
Known Ubers al-Humra Nisr, Azadi, Shockwave
Information Pakistan was once a thriving Islamic Republic, but after being invaded by India in 1999 it has effectively been reduced to a Protectorate of its once hated neighbour.  During the invasion, India's uberhuman strike team destroyed cities along the border as well as nearly 80% of Pakistan's uberhuman population.  The attacks were swift and merciless, leaving Pakistan defenceless against India's encroachment.

Since becoming a Protectorate, Pakistan has seen a decline in health, education and GDP per capita.  Pakistanis are treated as lesser beings, and Indian nationals have been given most of the positions of authority.

There is a covert resistance group operating in Pakistan, led by the uber Azadi (meaning freedom), although their actions have had little effect on the occupation.

Papua New Guinea (Independent State of Papua New Guinea)
Capital Port Moresby Population 5,545,000
Language Melanesian Pidgin GDP per Capita $2,200
Known Ubers Paradise
Information Papua New Guinea, or PNG, occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea as well as numerous offshore islands.  It is one of the most diverse countries in the world with over 700 indigenous languages and societies.  More than 80% of its population live in rural, and often mountainous, regions.  The government is centred in Port Moresby, but has a history of corruption and nepotism.  Most of the population live subsistence lives and a ruling minority enjoy a high standard of living at the expense of progress.

It is rumoured that an uberhuman commune has been established in a remote and hidden valley, and although there has been no confirmation, the rumour has attracted dozens of weary ubers who yearn to live among their own kind.

Philippines (Republic of the Philippines; Republika ng Pilipinas)
Capital Manila Population 87,857,000
Language Filipino (based on Tagalog), English GDP per Capita $5,000
Known Ubers Aliguyon , Dumaguete, Pumbakhayon 
Information With the ouster of the Marcos government by the citizenry of the Philippines, the country has been learning the ins-and-outs of democracy for the past two decades. Still, it is primarily an agricultural nation with electronics manufacturing and outsourcing steadily increasing. A large portion of the economy is exported labor - with some of the proceeds of work in other countries being sent back to support family in the Philippines.

The major source of tension is with other nations of the South China Sea over the oil-rich Spratly Islands. Internally, Muslim separatists and Communist terrorists cause problems, mostly in the perimeter.

The team of ubers known as Aliguyon and Pumbakhayon are public heroes of the Philippines. They are partially supported by the government as well as individual donations. While these funds don't make them rich by any means, they fight crime and help with natural disaster recovery as their passion. On occasion, Fatwa has been known to support operations of the Muslim separatists.

Singapore (Republic of Singapore)
Capital Singapore Population 4,425,000
Language Mandarin Chinese, English, Malay GDP per Capita $27,800
Known Ubers (Atomic Girl), (Elastorang), (Evol Khan)*, Singapore Shield*
Information A utopian, crime-free society controlled behind the scenes by one of the world's premier criminal masterminds, Evol Khan.  Singapore's tough stance on issues such as littering, chewing gum and drug offences has enabled it to become virtually crime-free.  Atomic Girl's Singapore Samurai offer a public face to the security forces, although Singapore is known as a place of neutrality among the international uberhuman population.  As such it is a location much used for clandestine meetings and sensitive gatherings, security of which is guaranteed and promoted by Khan himself.

Sri Lanka (Indian Protectorate of Sri Lanka)
Capital Colombo Population 20,064,000
Language Sinhala, Tamil GDP per Capita $4,000
Known Ubers Monsoon
Information A small island country off the coast of India, which was devastated by the 2004 tsunami.  In the wake of the disaster, India sent in The Assembly to assist with relief efforts, but when it was clear that India was not going to leave, the leaders of Sri Lanka offered little resistance and the country became another Protectorate of India.

Historically, Sri Lanka was plagued by a civil war between the government and the Tamil Tigers.  A combination of the tsunami and the incursion by India has mostly neutralised that conflict.  Tamil forces have been reduced to a handful, and are continually being arrested and incarcerated by the Indian authorities.

Most of Sri Lanka's uberhuman population were killed during the tsunami and the arrival of The Assembly.

Taiwan (China) (Taiwan)
Capital Taipei Population 22,894,000
Language Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese (Min) GDP per Capita $25,300
Known Ubers Sea Dragon
Information While always at some point of tension with Communist China, companies large and small from this island nation are beginning to warm to the larger China as a place to invest. Still they are wary of the rapid military upgrade that is being undertaken across the water.

A past incursion by the Immortals (1993) was turned away by the Flying Tiger Team. But these protectors of Taiwan suffered severely from the attack. Of that much hallowed team, only Sea Dragon is currently active. He occasionally works with other members of Shichinin no Yuushi (the Seven Heroes).

Thailand (Kingdom of Thailan)
Capital Bangkok Population 65,444,000
Language Thai GDP per Capita $8,100
Known Ubers Chang Thai, Garuda, Leibwächter, Ratchaphruek
Information Known as both Siam and Thailand, this country is one of Asia's economic 'Tigers'. Steady growth, electronics and automobile parts manufacturing, and agricultural exports to Asia have produced a strong economy. While still modernizing, this constitutional monarchy is projected to be a developed nation within the next two decades.

The major problem for the government is the increasing Muslim separatist violence in the south. There are also minor border demarcation differences with Laos, Cambodia, and Burma. The narcotics production and distribution has generally been on a decline in Thailand due to strict eradication and enforcement efforts.

Fatwa's presence has been a rare problem, but for the most part, they have their hands elsewhere. There is a national superhuman team called the Thai Fighters Squadron composed of the birdman Garuda, the elephant metamorph Chang Thai, and the martial artist Ratchaphruek. In addition to combating normal crime and the occasional incursion of Fatwa, they also deal with the superhumans of the drug and human trafficking syndicate known as Black Hand.

Vietnam (Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Cong Hoa Xa Hoi Chu Nghia Viet Nam)
Capital Hanoi Population 83,535,000
Language Vietnamese GDP per Capita $2,700
Known Ubers Iron Hand, Non, Renovation
Information Vietnam struggled for over a decade with the fall of the Soviet Union, its primary supporter. In recent years, its Communist government has taken the Chinese model of autocratic rule over a semi-capitalist economy. While it now has a fast-growing economy, Vietnam still struggles with vast rural unemployment, near runaway inflation, and substantial corruption.

With conflicting claims of strategic and economically important islands in the South China Sea, Vietnam has its share of border issues with both Chinas, the Philippines, and Cambodia. It is also a minor producer of narcotics (especially opium) and struggles with a large segment of its populace addicted to narcotics.

Within the Vietnamese Communist Party are two major factions, each of which is supported by an uber. The Old Guard - the die-hard Communists are championed by Iron Hand, while the Economic Liberals are championed by Renovation. There is also a martial artist known as Non who is apolitical, desiring only to help people in trouble.

Source: CIA World Factbook