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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community. All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Welcome to Argus High!

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You think your high school sucks?

I get dropped off at school by a giant cockroach because my dad won't let me drive the Hover Car.  Not that Inez is a bad nanny or anything, it's just that I'm fifteen years old and I've fought intergalactic menaces and crackpot dictators, so why are my parents still obsessing about getting me through the front gates at school?

My name's Jeremy Numen, and yes, I'm one of those Numens.  Life has never really been average for me, but now I'm at Argus High and everyone's expecting me to do homework and attend classes like every other American kid my age.

Thing is, I'm not like every other American kid my age. I'm an uber.

Seems like I'm not the only one though, which is one of those proverbial silver line things.  There are another eight kids at school who have uber abilities and they've organised themselves into something like a teen hero group.  It's pretty basic really, but it has potential.

And now that I'm at school I can really see these kids going somewhere.  They've got heart and some of them even have half-way decent powers.  They just need a professional shove from yours truly.

Pity there's that midterm paper due next week though... and dad's locked the weapons locker (again!), but if we can just get past the next Big Game and Mr Ommundsen's early morning gym drill ambushes, I'm sure my team will focus on stopping the Octoboss from taking over The Point.

My team?  Did I say that?  Right, sorry about that.  I might be getting a little ahead of myself.  We still have some technicalities to attend to, but give it a little time.

Argus High today, the Universe tomorrow.

Jeremy Numen, July 2006

Gamemaster: Ben Langdon

Campaign mailing list:


Maps of Argus City and Argus High can be viewed here.



Double Dare (259 points)

Force (250 points) played by Marty Haught

Giraffe (250 points) played by Noah Thorp

Haunt (250 points) played by W. Jason Wallace

Icon (250 points) played by Kevin Schultz




Dragonstar (250 points) played by Alan Waters

Inez Escobar

Jungle Boy

Chloe Numen

Saul Numen

Raptor Boy (250 points) played by Rob Rogers

Tiger (250 points) played by Alan Bradley

Whistler (250 points) played by Free Frutchey

Base of Operations: Argus High School, Argus City

Hang Outs: Arboretum Mall, Skate Park, The Point, Lighthouse Bar, McPherson's Convenience Store and Limeburner's Park

Vehicle: None

Major Adversaries: The Buccaneer, Dark Congress, The Living Dead, Octoboss, The Shop Class Six (their inventions, not the kids themselves), Wonderland

Major Rivals: None

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