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Left to Right:
Chloe Numen (Time) (Leader; ###),
Saul Numen (Life) (###),
Samantha Numen (Hellfire) (###),
Balthasar Numen (Beastman) (###),
Jeremy Numen (Horde) (375).

The world was once a chaotic place... (write more soon)

Area of Operations
Time and Life are the de facto rulers of the world (in alternate dimension 840204var1b) with Chloe Numen as First Director of the United Nations and Saul Numen as Supreme General of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces. There are pockets around the globe in which their rule does not extend, but they are few. Not only do the (Alternate) New Men operated globally in their alternate dimension, they also operate extraterrestrially and extradimensionally.
Base of Operations: Mobile None,
The main goal of the (Alternate) New Men is to enforce the global peace. They also extend this concept to other worlds in their universe and in other dimensions.
Most of their world view the (Alternate) New Men as benevolent dictators. Those who know about the secret assassinations and secret ruthless terrorism know the truth. They will do anything to keep the world at peace and in the status quo, even kill off any opposition.
Major Adversaries: The New Men, The Revolution Coalition,