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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Uberworld Countries: Sub-Saharan Africa

The Uberworld is a large and complicated setting, covering the seven continents of Earth, the oceans and even places beyond the planet and solar system, through time and alternate dimensions. These pages document the current situation in the various countries of Uberworld, including the incidence of ubers, position in global politics and interesting story hooks.

As a general rule, uberhumans occur once for every million people, although others factors may influence that ratio.



not an uber (other source of powers)  

( )

active in country, but not born there
Map from Perry-Casteneda University of Texas collection

Angola (Republic of Angola; Republica de Angola)
Capital Luanda Population 11,190,000
Language Portuguese, Bantu GDP per Capita $2,100
Known Ubers Black Rhino*
Information With the death of warlord Jonas Savimbi at the hands of the superhuman Black Rhino, the civil war in Angola has been dying out. The rival group, the MPLA, is now firmly in power and many of their enemies have left the country. While the MPLA has announced plans to hold democratic elections, no one is banking on that happening.

While the country itself is rich in natural resources, much of the population lives on subsistence agriculture. Corruption, war-damaged infrastructure, and large areas still having land mines impede efficient tapping of the resources. Oil production is the major industry and the reason for major credit backing from the People's Republic of China.

The blood diamond trade is declining and giving way to legitimate mining operations. Cocaine trafficking is also a point of international contention for Angola.

Azambia (Azambia)
Capital Azambia City Population 731,000
Language English GDP per Capita $2,000
Known Ubers Avatar, (Gazelle), Giraffe, (Hippo), Resolute*, (Savage Lion), (Silverback), (Witch Doctor*), (Zebra)
Information Azambia is a small African nation that was once a part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The area was seized by the Witch Doctor and an army of robots and ubers.  The local military was unable to resist the superior firepower of the Witch Doctor, and the Witch Doctor was declared President For Life.

Before the Witch Doctor came to power, Azambia was dirt poor.  The President has brought with him advanced technology and instigated massive industrialisation and educational plans.  English has become the official language, replacing French.  The borders of Azambia are heavily guarded.  To the outside world, Azambia is seen as a prospering nation, while inside the nation it is a place completely ruled by the Witch Doctor and his minions.

Benin (Republic of Benin; Republique du Benin)
Capital Porto-Novo Population 7,460,000
Language French GDP per Capita $1,200
Known Ubers Agwe*, Ayza*, Baka*, Dambala*, Ezili, Ogun*, Yemanja*
Information During the European Colonial period this country was part of the West African coastal region that supplied slaves that were taken to the Americas. It was ruled by France from the 19th century until 1960 whereupon it underwent a series of dictatorships, military and communist. Finally in the last decade of the 20th century it became a republic.

While becoming somewhat politically stable, this nation faces many challenges economically and internationally. Although inflation has become under control, the infrastructure needs development, and thus much of the economy remains agricultural with a large degree of subsistence farming. Border disputes with most of its neighbors plagues the government as does a small degree of narcotics trafficking and money laundering.

Recently a team of superheroes known as the Rada Team has based itself in Porto-Novo. This team, consisting of the supernatural being Yemanja and her allies Agwe, Baka, Dambala, Ezili, and Ogun, has served as a force of stability both for Benin and for the region.

Botswana (Republic of Botswana)
Capital Gaborone Population 1,640,000
Language Setswana, English GDP per Capita $9,200
Known Ubers Firebird*, (Onus), Parhelion*, Peacemaker, (Silver Sun)*, Stealth
Information Botswana is a relatively stable country in the southern part of Africa. The government's fiscal policy as well as a natural wealth in diamonds and has allowed sustained economic growth for most of the past four decades. The remainder of the involves mining, small farm agriculture, and tourism (especially, recently, ecotourism). The majority of its trade is with South Africa and the European Union.

Despite being politically and economically stable, there are two problems that plague this country. The high level of unemployment has led to a large degree of poverty in this nation. Also, there is an extremely high rate of AIDS which is partially offset by having one of the most progressive AIDS health programs on the continent.

The Tsholofelo family, known as advocates for the people of Botswana and superheroes, has expanded its ambitions for a safe, healthy, and prosperous Africa. They led the Nairobi Conference which led to the formation of Africa Force. Five teams were created to safeguard the people of the twenty countries that ratified the pact. Africa Force Five, led by the Tsholofelo family is based in Gaborone, Botswana.

Burkina Faso (Burkina Faso)
Capital Ouagadougou Population 13,925,000
Language French, Sudanese GDP per Capita $1,200
Known Ubers Blaise Salembere, Monique Diallo, Shaft*
Information This landlocked West African nation of savanna was formerly a French colony. The Burkinabe are primarily subsistence farmers or migrant farm workers. Poor soil, deforestation, erosion, poor education, and a relatively large population contribute to this. The economy is further hurt by civil war in neighboring Liberia, Ghana, and Cote d'Ivoire. Despite this, the country is rather stable politically.

Africa Force Four, the pride of Burkina Faso and most of West Africa, was recently destroyed by the Sons of Set. The sole survivors in the AF4 headquarters in Ouagadougou vowed to keep the team alive. These three, Shaft, Monique Diallo, and Dr. Blaise Salembere have kept the peace for the past months despite their moderate power level. For significant threats, they are assisted by Africa Force 1 based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Burundi (Republic of Burundi; Republika y'u Burundi)
Capital Bujumbura Population 6,370,000
Language Kirundi, French, Swahili GDP per Capita $600
Known Ubers Chui Uramali*
Information Since the early 1990s, this country and this region has been plagued by ethnic warfare, primarily between the Tutsi and the Hutu peoples. The government, with the assistance of South Africa and Africa Force Three, has negotiated a cease fire between the factions. The UN retains a peacekeeping force in Burundi. Yet, there is still low levels of conflict.

The general lack of good natural resources and the control of the coffee trade by the Tutsi minority has inflamed the ethnic tension. The economy is further hampered by high poverty, poor education, and a weak government.

The uberhumans of Burundi have all been slain. The single Tutsi uberhuman died in a battle with two Hutu uberhumans. Those two and three others of the Hutu were killed by Tutsi death squads. A single spirit-animal-man known as Chui Uramali now hunts in both Burundi and Rwanda.

Cameroon (Republic of Cameroon; Republique du Cameroon)
Capital Yaounde Population 16,380,000
Language English, French GDP per Capita $1,900
Known Ubers Abtu*, Anet*, Induna*, (Uadjet*)
Information Somewhere in between a true republic and an oligarchy, Cameroon has enjoyed a fair amount of stability. Good infrastructure and utilization of natural resources including oil and good agricultural land have enhanced this stability. Cameroonian oil, coffee, and cocoa (as well as other agricultural products) are traded with Western Europe for manufactured goods. Still, much of the population practices subsistence farming and greater economic growth is hampered by unemployment and remnants of government corruption.

In addition to the now minor border disputes and the general crime problems due to unemployment, there has been a surge in smuggling operations out of Cameroon. Once the home of the Ondoa family operations, this is now dominated by the Sunset Cartel which does business throughout West Africa as well as certain ports in the Americas. The Sunset Cartel membership of the Egyptian cult snake dancer known as Uadjet has led S.A.G.E. to believe that there is a connection with the Sons of Set.

Cape Verde (Republic of Cape Verde; Republica de Cabo Verde)
Capital Praia Population 418,000
Language Portuguese GDP per Capita $1,400
Known Ubers (Bounty)
Information Since gaining its independence, Cape Verde had been a steadily improving nation. In the early 1990s, severe drought and a drop in tourism caused a dramatic increase in unemployment, corruption, and crime. However, by the mid-1990s, the country had stabilized.

Arms and drug trafficking to and from western Africa are rampant and thought to have tacit approval of the government. The money laundering that takes place in Cape Verde is both pervasive and highly sophisticated. It is thought by international analysts that these are the reasons for the stabilization of the country after the near collapse in the 1990s.

The uberhuman known as Bounty has established himself, through directed spending of his mercenary fortune, as the defacto ruler of the islands. The president, prime minister, and the vast majority of National Assembly members are controlled by Bounty. Furthermore, a large proportion of businesses are owned either directly or indirectly by this villain, and a majority of land is held by his businesses.

Central African Republic (Central African Republic; Republique Centrafricaine)
Capital Bangui Population 3,800,000
Language French GDP per Capita $1,100
Known Ubers Gas Girl
Information Having been ruled by a series of dictators, this country enjoyed a decade of democracy in the 1990s before another dictator seized control to stabilize the country. Civilian unrest is more the rule here than the exception.

Much of this unrest is due to poor infrastructure, an unskilled workforce, and an economy largely dependent upon susistence agriculture and lumber. The factional fighting makes improvement of any of these aspects nearly impossible. The mining industry (gold, diamonds) and international aid provide some contribution to the economy but also provide some incentive to destabilize the country.

Although the Central African Republic is not a member of the Africa Force Charter, Africa Force did intervene to halt an incursion of the Sons of Set in early 2006. The superhero named Gas Girl has since emerged as a champion of this nation. She is quite reliable in helping the people of this country, but her control of her own powers are not quite so reliable.

Comoros (Union of the Comoros; Union des Comores)
Capital Moroni Population 671,200
Language Arabic, French GDP per Capita $700
Known Ubers Jack Frost
Information Comoros has only been recently stabilized. With the establishment of democratic elections, a cycle of coups appears to have finally ended in this nation of islands off the coast of Mozambique.

A very poor nation, Comoros relies primarily on subsistence agriculture and is not even self-sufficient in food production. Recent efforts to diversify and commercialize agriculture as well as promote tourism has helped the economy. Expatriate Comorans provide a further boost. Economically, this country is still tied closely to France, its former colonial power.

While there has been no proof, there is a popular rumor that Colonel Azali, the man who finally seized power and reformed the goverment, slew a malicious ifrit that was feeding upon the fear and hatred. Some believe that the demon was behind the twenty five year instability.

Congo, Democratic Republic of (Democratic Republic of the Congo; Republique Democratique du Congo)
Capital Kinshasa Population 59,386,000
Language French, Swahili GDP per Capita $700
Known Ubers Congo, Mamba Mutu
Information Known previously as the Belgian Congo and Zaire, this nation has had more than its share of strife. For much of the latter half of the twentieth century, it was ruled by the warlords, Mobutu Sese Seko. During the period of ethnic violence in Rwanda and Burundi in the 1990s, Laurent Kabila overthrew Mobutu and established himself as dictator. At the same time, Akello Lwanga (known as the Witch Doctor), seized power in a small part of the country and proclaimed it his kingdom of Azambia. Civil war, including meddling from Uganda, Rwanda, and Azambia followed for the next 3 years until the UN stepped in.

Due to the warfare, the DRC's industry and infrastructure has been severely hurt. In the past few years, there has been a slow but steady improvement. The mining and mineral processing industries provide most of the current economy, with most exports going to Belgium, the United States, Azambi, and China. Imports of manufactured goods and equipment are primarily from South Africa, Belgium, and Azambia. Problems with corruption still exists which hamper infrastructure development and industrial exploration.

This country is within the zone protected by Africa Force One, who has been called upon several times to counter the Witch Doctor and the Hunt. In addition, the uberhuman mercenary known as Congo operates out of the jungles of this country. He has no master, but strives to destabilize nearby countries so that he will be gainfully and expensively employed by warlords. The vigilante, Mamba Mutu, operates within Kinshasa and has been known to clash with Congo, as well as other villains.

Congo, Republic of (Republic of the Congo; Republique du Congo)
Capital Brazzaville Population 3,039,000
Language French GDP per Capita $800
Known Ubers Infinite Man
Information Once a French colony, then a communist dictatorship, this nation experienced a brief period of democracy in the 1990s. By the late 1990s factionalism had returned. Currently, a tenuous peace between the major faction has given the people a chance to improve their economy, but nobody is expecting the accord to last. Congolese refugees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a larger number of DRC refugees in the Republic of the Congo further unbalance the situation.

The economy is dominated by oil exported primarily to China, and by village crafts. With current oil production dwindling and a lack of substantial new fields, the economy is at a critical juncture. Poverty is rampant and the government has been running significant budget deficits, both of which further add to destabilization of the country.

Congo is not a member of the Africa Force Charter although the organization keeps an eye out for extraordinary events that happen in the country. This has been especially true since Infinity became the Infinite Man.

Cote d'Ivoire (Republic of Cote d'Ivoire; Republique de Cote d'Ivoire)
Capital Yamoussoukro Population 17,298,000
Language French GDP per Capita $1,500
Known Ubers Armageddon, Delatus*, Hippo, Medusa, Revenant*, Salvo, Tohubohu, Triune*
Information From its French colonial days through the end of the twentieth century, this nation has been stable and has had generally steady economic growth. In 1999, the first military coup in the nation's history severely damaged the nation. The two factions have signed a power-sharing accord monitored by the French and other West Africans.

The economy is based on agricultural exports (coffee, cocoa, palm oil) to France, the US, and the Netherlands. However, the stability of the economy is highly dependent on international prices and is, thus, tenuous. Recent governments have attempted to create a more diversified economy. There is still a large degree of corruption and a lack of adequate banking safeguards that hamper this expansion.

While most of the world's security and intelligence agencies know that the mercenary group, The Legion, operates from Cote d'Ivoire, none have been able to find the actual base of operations.

Djibouti (Republic of Djibouti)
Capital Djibouti Population 476,700
Language French, Arabic GDP per Capita $1,300
Known Ubers None
Information Background

Once a French colony, Djibouti continues to have close political ties with France. Economically, this nation trades primarily within the East African and Middle East region. Indeed, this trade is scant due to a lack of natural resources and poor industrial development. However, it is a key shipping and refueling site.

The United States maintains a naval base in Djibouti, which serves a key strategic need at the opening of the Red Sea. The two nations also cooperate in anti-terrorist and anti-superhuman training in a base of undisclosed location in the country. The threat of the Sons of Set makes this nation of further strategic interest.

Equatorial Guinea (Republic of Equatorial Guinea; Republica de Guinea Ecuatorial)
Capital Malabo Population 535,900
Language Spanish, French GDP per Capita $2,700
Known Ubers Cazador*, Hafiz*, Inmaculada*
Information Background

This small nation is comprised of continental land between Cameroon and Gabon and small islands in the Gulf of Guinea. Since colonial times, it has been ruled by Portugal, England, and Spain before becoming independent. Finally, the Witch Doctor supported a coup by Colonel Nicolas Kobina Ebo who was installed as a puppet President.

Subsistence agriculture, fishing, and cacao farming had long been the constituents of the economy. In 1996, a large oil reserve was found, sparking interest throughout the world. The Witch Doctor moved quickly and secured this energy source for Azambia's industrial growth.

British, American, Chinese, and Russian energy corporations are all still highly interested in Equatorial Guinea because of the oilfields. It has also been rumored that the government of Cameroon has been surveying its neighbor, possibly for a military strike. The rapid wealth generated for an aristocratic minority has also created a demand for illegal slaves, something not seen in this country for nearly two centuries. This lucrative black market business has been taken over by the new government and is rumored to be the motivating factor for the superteam known as Justiciar.

Eritrea (State of Eritrea; Hagere Ertra)
Capital Asmara Population 4,562,000
Language Afar, Arabic GDP per Capita $900
Known Ubers Alnitak, Silver Sun
Information Background

For nearly half a century, Eritrea and Ethiopia have been in military conflict. Initially a war of independence, this has transitioned into a border conflict. During the 1998-2000 war, Eritrea first used uberhumans to good effect, but Ethiopia quickly countered with its own. With the backing of the Sons of Set and Egypt, Ethiopia finally overwhelmed the Eritrean forces.

Subsistence agriculture, the primary component of Eritrea's economy was severely hurt by the war and by drought. However, the economy is strengthening under the new rulers, progressing primarily because of infrastructure improvements that occured during and after the war.

Eritrea is a country ruled de facto by the Sons of Set through an Ethiopean-installed government. There are occasional visits by the Sons of Set, but by and large the country is ruled by an iron fist and relatively crime-free. On occasion, a powerful telepath known as Alnitak the Mad surfaces and causes random destruction.

Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia; Iyop'ia Federalawi Demokrasiyawi Ripeblik)
Capital Addis Ababa Population 73,053,000
Language Amharic, Tigrinya, Arabic GDP per Capita $800
Known Ubers Eagle Owl*, Memnon
Information Background

Ethiopia is a land of great history linking it to both the Middle East and to Africa. It is one of the few African nations that have, except for a brief period preceding World War II, been largely independent. Throughout its modern history, this country has been plagued with civil war and border wars with neighboring nations. During the recent war, Ethiopia made a 'deal with the devil' and won the war over Eritrea while losing its independence to the Sons of Set.

Coffee, grain and other staples, and subsistence agriculture drive the Ethiopian economy. Thus, it is unsurprising that periodic droughts bring about widespread suffering to this country.

After the Ethiopian-Eritrean War, the Sons of Set were seldom seen in Ethiopia. This has changed recently and the neighboring countries, as well as Africa Force, have become alerted to this. Once a member of the Ethiopian squad of ubers that fought in the war with Eritrea, the winged man known as Eagle Owl currently travels throughout the Red Sea area and other places around the world.

Gabon (Gabonese Republic; Republique Gabonaise)
Capital Libreville Population 1,389,000
Language French GDP per Capita $5,900
Known Ubers None
Information Background

This country in central Africa has, since independence been ruled by two powerful, elected presidents. Over the last two decades, power has steadily been more distributed, but still largely remains in the hands of the president. Petroleum accounts for much of its economy and allows for a generally higher standard of living than most other sub-Saharan countries.

Gabon is a member of the Africa Force charter, but has seen little superhuman activity. However, both the Witch Doctor (through his puppet in Equitorial Guinea) and the Sons of Set (through the Sunset Cartel in Cameroon) have been interested in the oil produced here.

Gambia (Republic of The Gambia)
Capital Banjul Population 1,593,000
Language English GDP per Capita $1,800
Known Ubers Sardonyx
Information Background

Once a lucrative Arabian and Portuguese trading post, in the early modern era this country was governed by the British. After a series of coups and internal conflicts, the nation has been governed democratically although there is a large amount of power in the hands of the president. The economy is primarily driven by agriculture as well as trade (due to low duty taxes and minimal bureaucracy) and growing tourism. The Gambia is tied economically with western Europe, primarily, and Asia.

The major source of unrest is political control. Of course, crime exists and for a while the uberhuman known as Sardonyx was part of a widely publicized crime spree. But she has moved on to wealthier places. Still, much of the Gambian public follows her exploits.

Ghana (Republic of Ghana)
Capital Accra Population 21,029,000
Language English GDP per Capita $2,300
Known Ubers The Mark
Information Background

Ghana was once home to the Ashanti Empire which dominated the central-west region of Africa. After a long series of post-colonial independence coups, in 1992, Ghana restored constitutional democracy. The population has been hampered throughout history with sickle cell disease, but is now faced with a greater threat from AIDS. This tropical country is primarily low plains and bears an abundance and variety of natural resources. The Volta River as well as a few smaller river provide substantial irrigation and power-generating water. Still the majority of the economy depends on subsistence agriculture and foreign aid. The country exports minerals primarily to western Europe and imports equipment primarily from Nigeria and China.

A member of the Africa Force Charter, the Ghanese population felt a substantial loss when Africa Force Four was destroyed. The population as a whole has embraced the nascent, but scrappy new team and its mentor, The Mark.

Guinea (Republic of Guinea; Republique de Guinee)
Capital Conakry Population 9,468,000
Language French GDP per Capita $2,100
Known Ubers Shahid*
Information Background

Compared to its southern neighbors, Guinea is a relatively stable country although its government executive branch holds a disproportionate amount of power. With substantial hydropower, agriculture, and especially mineral resources (including approximately half of the world's bauxite reserves), Guinea still remains relatively underdeveloped. Government reform and control of disturbances would likely make the country economically healthy.

Among the sources of disturbance in Guinea is the large refugee population coming from neighboring Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Cote d'Ivoire. Factional fighting from these countries also frequently cross into Guinean territory. Muslim extremists in Guinea have attracted the attention of the vigilante, Shahid.

Guinea-Bissau (Republic of Guinea-Bissau; Republica da Guine-Bissau)
Capital Bissau Population 1,416,000
Language Portuguese GDP per Capita $700
Known Ubers Pedra
Information Background

Once a slave-trading colony of Portugal, Guinea-Bissau's recent history has been rife with civil war. In the Cold War era, well armed Soviet backed insurgents fought against Portuguese forces. Upon independence in 1973, mass murders caused terror in the country. Since then the country has gone through a cycle of elections, coups, and uprisings that have wreaked havoc upon the infrastructure and economy. One of the 10 poorest countries in the world, its current economy depends heavily upon agriculture and fishing. Hopes for revenues of offshore oil are offset by the extremely inequal income distribution.

The superhero, Pedra, combats crime and helps during natural disasters. Although most of the people seem to have a favorable response towards her, she seems to be frequently compared to her father, the Stone Man.

Kenya (Republic of Kenya)
Capital Nairobi Population 33,830,000
Language English, Kiswahili GDP per Capita $1,100
Known Ubers Black Mamba, (Heru-sa-Aset)*, Kanga, (Lioness)*, (Resolute)*, Serengeti*
Information Background

Although there are numerous ethnic, religious, and political factions throughout the country, Kenya is one of the most stable African countries. Indeed, it is largely seen as a stabilizing influence on the region and has mediated conflicts. Stability carries over to the economy as the government is in its second decade of economic reform both from liberalization of control and privatization. This country is struggling to diversify its economy which is largely dependent on agriculture making it vulnerable to periodic regional drought. Some measure of economic stability comes from its wide array of economic partners.

Despite its progress politically and economically, Kenya still suffers from large scale human slave trafficking of women and children. While this is still a sore spot, the government has recently stepped up activities to rein in this problem. The many external threats to Kenya has placed the country as a watchtower for the rest of Africa: the Sons of Set expanding from the north, the volatile nature of Azambia in the center of the continent, and incursions from Fatwa from the northeast. A team of superheroes has protected Kenya and other countries in the region for several decades and has recently been chartered as Africa Force One.

Lesotho (Kindom of Lesotho)
Capital Maseru Population 1,867,000
Language Sesotho, English, Zulu GDP per Capita $3,200
Known Ubers Marauder*
Information A mountainous region within South Africa, Lesotho has scant natural resources. The economy was built primarily upon migrant workers in South Africa and the export of hydroelectric power to South Africa.

Lesotho had always been a nexus between two dimensions: Earth and Sotho. The two dimensions resembled each other in many ways, but Sotho was colder and blessed with mostly rugged, inhospitable country. The Khotso Gate had stood in the mountains of central Lesotho for thousands of years and was rediscovered by Pakalitha's uncle, the former king, in 1987. Small recon squads were sent through the Gate and the rugged beauty of Sotho was eventually mapped to one thousand kilometres from the Gate. There appeared to be no malicious flora or fauna, and despite the cold climate and the mostly barren landscape, Sotho appeared the Basotho as a paradise. Just inside the Gate was a large area of fertile land, which became known as So-Tseka. The Basotho began to live on both sides of the Gate and the lands within So-Tseka grew.

In 1996 the capital, Maseru, was drawn through the Gate and passed unharmed into the fertile lands beyond. It was this sign that made King Pakalitha call his people to him. He pleaded with them to make the journey through the Gate and forever more live apart from Earth. Only a thousand or more people remained in Earth Lesotho. They continue to live poor lives, while the New Lesotho enjoys impressive prosperity. Technology has advanced in the other dimension, and the land has transformed itself to reflect the needs of the people. While it remains mostly harsh territory, the places where the Basotho have settled are producing plenty of food and provide all that the people need.

Such a paradise is still mostly considered myth in the Earth dimension. The African Union is fully aware of the migration but is worried that news of such a paradise may trigger a mass migration. The Gate itself has now closed down on the Earth side. It can only be opened from the other side. Lesotho accepts no tourists but has allowed dignitaries and politicians through on occasion.

While not a member of the Africa Force Charter nations, the Earth part of Lesotho still enjoys some amount of protection from Africa Force 3 due to its location within South Africa. Recently, a criminal known as Marauder has been tracked to the region.

Liberia (Republic of Liberia)
Capital Monrovia Population 3,482,000
Language English GDP per Capita $900
Known Ubers None
Information In 1822, freed American slaves settled this nation on the coast of western Africa. For nearly a century and a half, Liberia was a stable republic. Beginning in the 1980s a series of dictators and civil wars tore apart the country. While the UN peacekeepers have stabilized the violence, there is still an undercurrent of political conflict. There is a tremendous task ahead to repair the economy and the civil structure of this country. Many of the upper class of have fled leaving this a land of great natural resources, but poor development.

Crime is widespread including street level crime, narcotics trafficking and money laundering, government corruption, and regional arms trafficking. There has been a recent influx of Azambian investment especially in the rubber, iron, and diamond industries. Perhaps as concerning is the popularity of the Church of Set in pockets of the country.

Madagascar (Republic of Madagascar; Republique de Madagascar)
Capital Antananarivo Population 18,040,000
Language French, Malagasy GDP per Capita $800
Known Ubers (Anima Mundi)
Information Soon after the unification of this large island under the Merina kings, the French ruled it for nearly a century. With independence in 1960, Madagascar became a republic. After a period of socialism in which a large number of industries were nationalized, more recent governments have reformed the economy. Agriculture is the major industry, but there has been some diversification. Unempoyment has diminished and the current government is working hard to decrease poverty and corruption.

Madagascar is a member of the Africa Force charter nations and enjoys its protections. Perhaps because of that reason and its location, there is little in the way of superhuman threat. There are rumors of a hidden lab in the jungle where animals are altered, genetically and cybernetically. S.A.G.E. believes this to be associated with the villainess known as Anima Mundi or, possibly the environmentalist group, the Elementals.

Malawi (Republic of Malawi)
Capital Lilongwe Population 12,159,000
Language Chichewa GDP per Capita $600
Known Ubers Stampede
Information One of the most densely populated countries and one of the least developed, Malawi depends largely upon an agriculture economy dominated by tobacco. The recent transition from an authoritarian government to a democratically elected one has brought about some hope. However, much needs to be done.

The major difficulties for this country stem from economic-social problems rather than criminal or external problems. Poverty, famine, and AIDS are the major sources of misery for Malawi although this is compounded by corruption and poor infrastructure.

Mali (Republic of Mali; Republique de Mali)
Capital Bamako Population 12,291,000
Language French, Bambara GDP per Capita $900
Known Ubers Sahara
Information Homeland to some of the most expansive sub-Saharan African empires, this land was also a center of trade and learning in ancient and Medieval times. In its modern history, Mali was a French colony until 1960. For three decades it was ruled by Mobido Keita until it became more firmly democratized. Corruption and crime, while still largely present, have begun to diminish recently. Poverty and highly unequal income distrubition are constant threats to stability. Because of its dependence on foreign aid, its largely subsistence agriculture economy, and lack of diversification of industry, this country is very vulnerable to changes in international economic conditions.

Disorganization of the government contributed to Mali's failure to become part of the Africa Force charter. With the recent destruction of Africa Force 4, who had been providing uberhuman assistance to Mali, the Sons of Set have begun to take advantage of the this instable country. Fortunately, the superhero known as Sahara has stepped up her activities.

Mauritius (Republic of Mauritius)
Capital Port Louis Population 1,230,000
Language Creole, French GDP per Capita $12,800
Known Ubers Javelin*
Information Long a colonial shipping port island, Mauritius has been a fairly stable democracy since its independence in 1968. During that time, it has been able to grow economically from a predominantly agriculture base to one of the highest per capita incomes in Africa. Because of its stability, its location and its well structured finance sector, this nation enjoys more than its share of foreign investment.

While it is not one of the Africa Force charter nations, this country has been friendly towards the superhero organization. A local superhero, known as Javelin may be an associate member of AF.

Mozambique (Republic of Mozambique; Republica de Mocambique)
Capital Maputo Population 19,406,000
Language Emakhuwa, Xichangana, Portuguese GDP per Capita $1,200
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Namibia (Republic of Namibia)
Capital Windhoek Population 2,031,000
Language English, Afrikaans, German GDP per Capita $7,300
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Niger (Republic of Niger; Republique du Niger)
Capital Niamey Population 11,666,000
Language French, Hausa GDP per Capita $900
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Nigeria (Federal Republic of Nigeria)
Capital Abuja Population 128,772,000
Language English, Hausa GDP per Capita $1,000
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Rwanda (Republic of Rwanda; Republika y'u Rwanda)
Capital Kigali Population 8,440,000
Language Kinyarwanda, Bantu, French, English, Kiswahili (Swahili) GDP per Capita $1,300
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Sao Tome and Principe (Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe; Republica Democratica de Sao Tome e Principe)
Capital Sao Tome Population 193,000
Language Portuguese GDP per Capita $1,200
Known Ubers None
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Sauropolis (City-State of Sauropolis)
Capital Sauropolis Population 6,000
Language Saurian GDP per Capita Unknown (Sauropolis doesn't trade with the outside world)
Known Ubers General Jurassic, Professor Fossil
Information The hidden city of Sauropolis is inhabited by three distinct saurian species (Loneks, Triorns, and Sareeth). Each species was genetically modified by a crash-landed F'plraran Confederations probe millions of years ago. Using its alien technology the three saurian species built their hidden city around the damaged probe. Over time Sauropolis has achieved greater technology than the outside world. However, for the most part the saurians are an insular lot, and have always avoided contact with the outside world. The only human currently residing in the city is Professor Fossil. General Jurassic is the leader of a small faction of Triorns and Sareeth who want to use the cities technology to conquer the world.

Senegal (Republic of Senegal; Republique du Senegal)
Capital Dakar Population 11,127,000
Language French GDP per Capita $1,700
Known Ubers None
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Seychelles (Republic of Seychelles)
Capital Victoria Population 81,000
Language Creole, English GDP per Capita $7,800
Known Ubers None
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Sierra Leone (Republic of Sierra Leone)
Capital Freetown Population 6,017,000
Language English, Mende, Temne, Krio (English-based Creole) GDP per Capita $600
Known Ubers None
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Somalia (Somalia)
Capital Mogadishu Population 8,591,000
Language Somali, Bantu GDP per Capita $600
Known Ubers None
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South Africa (Republic of South Africa)
Capital Pretoria Population 44,344,000
Language IsiZulu, IsiXhosa, Afrikaans, English GDP per Capita $11,100
Known Ubers None
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Swaziland (Kingdom of Swaziland)
Capital Mbabane Population 1,174,000
Language English, siSwati GDP per Capita $5,100
Known Ubers None
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Tanzania (United Republic of Tanzania)
Capital Dar es Salaam Population 36,766,000
Language Kiswahili, English, Arabic GDP per Capita $700
Known Ubers None
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Togo (Togolese Republic; Republique Togolaise)
Capital Lome Population 5,681,000
Language French, Mina, Ewe, Kabye, Dagomba GDP per Capita $1,600
Known Ubers None
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Uganda (Republic of Uganda)
Capital Kampala Population 27,269,000
Language English, Ganda GDP per Capita $1,500
Known Ubers None
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Zambia (Republic of Zambia)
Capital Lusaka Population 11,261,000
Language English, Bemba, Kaonda, Lozi, Lunda GDP per Capita $900
Known Ubers None
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Zimbabwe (Republic of Zimbabwe)
Capital Harare Population 12,747,000
Language English, Shona GDP per Capita $1,900
Known Ubers Evol Khan*, (Kebira Akht)
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Source: CIA World Factbook